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Trucking Jobs >> Trucking Articles >> Trucking Career Feature >> Career Opportunities in the Trucking Industry
  • Trucking Career Feature

Career Opportunities in the Trucking Industry

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There are a lot of careers in the industry of trucking. The most important advantage is the favorable overall employment opportunities. The demand for efficient people in the trucking industry will never decrease since the truck-based transportation will always be a necessity for transporting goods. The job opportunities in the trucking industry include those of garbage collectors, drivers (over the road), driving instructors, service vendors of food, and drivers of delivery services.

The most important aspect of all these jobs is that they do not demand a professional degree. These jobs provide people with an opportunity to earn a decent income without needing to have years of experience and educational qualifications. You get an opportunity to go to different places and you also get enough time to spend with your family.

Kinds of jobs and responsibilities in this sphere are diverse. The garbage collecting people are a necessity for any city. They take care of the collection and disposal of garbage and also are responsible for collecting several recyclable types. Drivers who belong to the category of "Over-the-road" drivers drive typically big tractor trailers to longer distances. They haul hazardous materials, livestock, loose products, packaged goods etc. The career of a driving coach is another important option of the trucking industry. They are an inevitable part of the industry as trainers for newly recruited people. Most of the big trucking companies hire in-house instructors. Vendors of food service can represent a particular organization besides having the option of working on their own. Ice-cream vendors and mobile trucks with food are examples of this category of jobs. Delivery drivers are always needed for trucking companies. Their demand increases during the holiday season.

For drivers, garbage collectors, vendors and coaches, a professional degree is not required. Drivers need to have their licenses issued by residing states. Some companies ask for a “high school diploma” but will not be a compulsory requirement if you have experience in the similar field. Another requirement for these truck driving jobs is the knowledge on the safety regulations to be taken care of while driving.

Knowledge on the various aspects of the job is important for the drivers. The ability to manage all the responsibilities of the vehicle during their work is necessary. Truck drivers generally have to travel to different places. So the ability to adjust with different weather conditions is essential if you are looking for a bright future in the trucking industry. Being dedicated to the work is the most important factor as far as this field is concerned.

Training in this respective field is an additional qualification that employers may consider while recruitment. There are a lot of training schools that give training required for this field. The most suitable place would be a truck driving school. Besides, there will be in-house instructors to give you the required training once you join a company.

Prior experience is not mandatory but will surely be an advantage when you apply for a job especially for truck drivers. If a driver is able to show a work experience without any accidents or other driving related problems, then he is sure to get a reference in the selection process. For instructors also prior experience is an advantage. For garbage collectors, experience is not an important factor in getting a good job. What they need to have is the right attitude towards their work.

An important factor regarding the careers in this industry is the availability of several job opportunities. There will always be a demand for efficient people in the industry. Your job in the trucking industry is going to be a stable one. Even if you lose your job with a company you will still be left with several job opportunities in the sector.

In this field, workers are given a fairly good salary at the initial level of the job itself. The average payment rate for garbage collectors is more that the minimum wage. If you are able to join a reputed company, pay packages will be more. The pay package is the most attracting feature of these jobs. Some companies, especially larger ones offer a pay package with several benefits. An average garbage collector gets a salary of $43,000 per year.

So if you are looking for an attractive career with a decent income you can opt for a job in the trucking industry. You should have the right sills as mentioned above along with the right attitude to survive in the field.

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